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Information on data processing pursuant to EU article 13 of EU Reg. 2016/679:


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Cookies are strings of text that the Rimper Internet website or other websites or different web services (so-called third-party) place and store inside the device (PC, smartphone or tablet) through which the user gains access to the website in order to identify and recognise the device itself.

Cookies are used in order to permit the correct use of the content of the website being visited. Some cookies are deleted when pages are closed (“session cookies”), while others remain stored with varying retention times depending on the established expiry date indicated in the table below.


The website uses different types of cookies, each of which has a specific function, as indicated in the table below:


They facilitate browsing on the website and they memorise the preferences expressed by the user for this purpose, for example regarding the graphic and language settings, the login and the consent given on the subject of data processing. This category of cookie allows the data controller, and also third parties, to collect aggregate and anonymous information on use and interaction with the website (e.g. number of times accessed and time spent there, most visited pages, devices used for access, area of origin) and to process statistics – also on data regarding other domains, websites or mobile applications attributable to the data controller – intended to improve its contents.

Legal basis for the data processing: “contractual obligation” Article 6, par. 1 letter b) EU Reg. 2016/679


They are used by third parties, again to process aggregate statistical analyses on use and interaction with the website by the user and, in this case, are combined with other processing (user files or statistics regarding visits to other websites, for example) or transmitted to other third parties.

Legal basis for the data processing: “Consent” Article 6, par. 1 letter a) EU Reg. 2016/679


They are used by third-party companies to gather information regarding the preferences expressed by the user in the context of browsing and to process reports intended to be used for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns, the content of which can also be reintroduced on other sites. The use of these cookies also makes it possible to indirectly identify the user through IDs and codes resulting from the configuration of the devices used and to trace specific actions or recurring behavioural patterns back to the user.

Legal basis for the data processing: “Consent” Article 6, par. 1 letter a) EU Reg. 2016/679

MANAGEMENT AND WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT TO COOKIES We also wish to remind you that the user can withdraw consent to the use of cookies – and valid exclusively for the website – or manage the preferences expressed at any time.

How can I permanently disable cookies directly from the browser?

The user can set the preferences for the browser used in order to permanently disable (until there is a different configuration) the following links to activate these features:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

For more general information on the operating and profiling techniques of cookies, you can visit the EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) website at the following address For further information about the personal data processed through the website, the user is invited to refer to the privacy policy” document, by clicking on the relative link.